Wednesday, March 21, 2007

out of winter hibernation!

it seems like this blog has been abandoned by its creators...
aizad is boycotting from any further contributions for fear it will permanently transformed into his personal blog...
kamal was indulging himself in his pursuit of stardom (msian nite, talenttime) and it seems likely that his current state of `talent-showcase-withdrawal-syndrome' might persist for a little while longer...
and as for moi...i totally blame it on the cold, cold winter rendering moi as active as a hibernating bear:D

okies, lame excuses aside, we ALL know that we are just plain lazy:P hehe, but then again it's not as if life stood still for us at 6 highfield since the last time aizad blogged...far from it! here's a lil recap of what we have been up to...

weekend of 17th feb...
melvin's sister, Michelle came all the way from Bellerby's college, Brighton ( hehe, byn, ur associate alma mater) to spend her mid-term break in Notts... knowing that Notts have not much to offer (I don't think Nottingham Castle nor Robin Hood is that appealing to a 17 year old), aizad and i took her to Birmingham for a lil trip and also to sample the great Salini's hospitality!! yup, cadbury world was on the u can see, too much chocolate is not that good on our social functioning,hehe

weekend of 23rd feb...
moi decided to team up with 37 greenfield street (aka munyan, chin nyap & huei min) to have a lil chinese new year makan-makan ala dunkirk to match the previous hari raya and deepavali dos graciously hosted by kelab mic and umno dunkirk...( sigh, wish the mca club dunkirk could be a lil bigger, burnt quite a hole in our pocket to finance the meal between the 4 of us! and it didn't help either that all 4 of us had completely non-overlapping bunch of friends!) nevertheless, it was very successful and definately worth the hole burnt looking at the happy faces and tummies of our well fed friends:D

weekend of 3rd mac...
moi went to london to pay my family friends a visit and also to collect my only ang pau for the year *hehe, blush, blush*
the boys on the other hand, had to fend for themselves over the weekend:D...

weekend of 10th mac..
the living legend's performance of the year!encore! encore! kamal the jebat yang hebat! the malaysian nite this year was certainly gempak in terms of star power and tech effects...certainly made up for the lack of food during dinner (apparently) and also the very disturbingly sarcastic emcees...can you believe that these people actually dissed the dinner as their opening speech of the show? how bizarre...

weekend 17th mac...
supposed to write a post this weekend, but then the router crashed leaving aizad and I internetless and very restless over the weekend...thank goodness aizad's proactive enough to seek the extra router from keat and to get the system working soon enough! yay! the alternative back up plan was to wait for kamal to bring back a new router from malaysia in 3 weeks time since we were adamant not to get a british router because we were all flat yeah, 3 cheers for keat for the loan of the router! yip yip hoorayyy!
a couple of days ago, the television broke as well...sigh, talk about things falling apart at 6 highfield...nehoos, order has been restored with the purchase of kevin's old tv for 30 quid ( hehe, quite a timely bargain from good ol' mun yan!)

hehe so there it is, the synopsis of the happenings at 6 highfield to make up for the extended silence...hopefully with spring, there will be more updates springing up soon, kan,housemates, kan?:D
really, it's scary how time is passing by us soooo quickly, and soon before we know it, in less than a year's time, we will no longer be inhabitants of 6 highfield....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brief Updates!

As this blog hasn't been updated in ages (I'm totally blaming the lazy hausmets! =P), I'm just dropping a post as proof that we're still alive & breathing (albeit very verrryyy slowly).

First off, the artist;
1) has just finished his geriatrics attachment & is now back on psych
2) has starred in 'gamelan', a traditional malay/indonesian musical as part of nusantara production. As expected, he fashionably mesmerized the audience with his 'detached' look throughout the show (note to kudo: u missed the sizzlin' performance, buddy!)
3) has finally opted to grace notts msian nite '07 with his talents, after endless begging and nagging from the committee & friends (note to artist: eleeeehhhhhhhh ckp je taknak)
4) still has a messy room (so, what else is new?)(haha)

And the chef;
1) has also just finished her geriatrics attachment & is now back to meeting unique ppl on the wards
2) is so far pleasantly fulfilling her role well, as the cook, housemaid, and slavedriver
3) should not be left alone to do house groceries, as that will result in severely debilitating bills (still feel the pain... oh byn)
4) has made yet another new year's resolution of trying not to be blur (again, what else is new?)(mueheheh)

Not forgetting, the ubi;
1) is still doing his paeds in chavland
2) has completed final fantasy xii (& seeking guilt-free time for xenosaga epIII)
3) has been struck with back pain for about a mth, but now almost fully recovered, thanks to meds by sangee, ponstan by jerereee, diclofenac by the gp, and exercises by a brawny east European physio (hmm...)
4) still looks like an aubergine (or an eggplant, apparently)

Also, we've recently signed our house contract for 07/08, so guess the name of this blog won't change for awhile!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon...
Me: La la la la (perving on friendster)
Kamal: La la la la (singing on his guitar)
Dum! dum! dum! *footsteps coming down the stairs*
Seowie: (faraway muffled cute-with-an-agenda voice) Guyyyyssss! Jom basuh toiletttttt~!
Me & Kamal: ................ *peluh*


Till then, mueskueskues...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jerereee's Sunday Evening Dinners!

Yep, don't ask us when and how it began, but a wonderful new routine has just been added to our mundane lives. Title says it all, I'm sure, but for those who don't know yet, it's our weekly Sunday dinners by Azreena aka Jerereee! Arguably one of the best cooks in Nottingham, most of us would agree that we salivate profusely whenever we think of her (culinary skills).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we're not grateful to have the Chef in the house. Thing is, she's doing her Obs&Gynae attachment at the moment (which is hardcore) in someplace called Mansfield (a faraway land), and so she comes back late (bout 7-8pm) almost every single day, leaving me (Si Terung) mostly in charge of preparing dinner (an ominous sign). Hence, the desire for good food (or 'happy food' as Chef puts it).

Back to what I was saying, Jerereee then saved us by whipping up Carbonara (w spaghetti), tortilla wraps (w unidentified meaty chunks inside), and baked potatoes w tuna and cheese and god-knows-whatever-else she throws in that makes them sooo tasty.

"Hurray, hurray, to our tummayyyy~"

Oh yeah, that brings me to another reason why she's simply too good - she doesn't even know what she chucks into the pots sometimes! (musykil2...)

Me, Seowie & Kamal: Ooooh sedapnye, what did you put in to make this taste sooo good?!
Azreena: Entahlah, I letak je, and then I rase.
Me, Seowie & Kamal: But surely you must have a recipe?
Azreena: Entahlah, I letak je, and then I rase.
Me, Seowie & Kamal: ......... (musykil)

...leading to our Artist's theory that Jerereee sain kontrek ngan jin (ala2 David Copperfield... it's the only explanation), much to her chagrin and vehement objections (defensive tuh, mesti betul).

And another thing, she claims that cooking gives her joy (apart from giving people haircuts), very much to our pleasant surprise. Well, eating gives the rest of us joy. She insists that it's a win-win situation, but to us we feel more like parasites stumbling upon the unreachable back of an obese man w plenty of blood to suck from. The guilt fades away quickly though.

Anyway, that aside, great food is still great food, so me have no complaints. As a wiseman once said, good food is one of the keys to happiness, so indeed we were truly happy stuffing ourselves to death. Sal and Seow were a bit 'hyper' than usual, but I suspect Seow was overdosing on concentrated caffeine tablets, and has been feeding Sal in secret. Or perhaps they were just being themselves. =P

Seowie, Jerereee & jembalang random
Thanksssss so much Jerereee for the amazing dinner! (and definitely looking forward to next wk!) Till then, mueskues *burp* kues...

Seowie: (singing off-tune) Seowie Foosh~... Tak Berhingus~... Kamal Azriii, Kau Berambus~... Yeah Yeah Yeahhhh~...
Me & Kamal: ......... (pondering on one of the great mysteries of life that is Seowie)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Seowie's Bday Scare

The effort my housemates put into my birthday surprise deserves an entire blog due to its ingenuity...Byn would be damn proud of the boys when he hears about this!
As I mentioned before, the gang threw me a birthday surprise during the Raya celebration, it was the usual Dunkirk birthday surprise recipe... the cake, the people, the cameramens, hehe but i guess I was too blur to provide the non-surprised-birthday-gurl-can see it coming from a mile-element:D

Thus I wasn't expecting anything on 25th Oct other than a few friends whom I called over to have a small takeaway dinner with...which is as much as I thought I can muster the spirit for, since I sorely lacked of sleep due to the oncall duty I had the night before...

Anyhoos, when the doorbell rang, I went down to open the door, thinking that it was Li was strange that Aizad did not open the door but then I thought he was on the phone with his family back home, which was what he told me when he left Kamal and I halfway through chilling in my room...

Just as I was about to open the door, the whole house went pitch black, the only lights i can see was the scary blue tinge light from kamal's computer...before suddenly a freaky ghoulish laugh came on loudly! I tried to open the door and it refused to budge, and with the floor being damp, images of dark waters flashed into my mind...seriously, it freaked me out to the point that i cried...I was screaming hysterically and desperately yanking at the door handle when finally aizad's door open and everyone yelled surprise!!


I was too shaken to even blow the candles on my birthday cake! The first instinct was to punch both Kamal and Aizad ( which I did with all my energy's worth, hehe...though I felt a tad guilty after I saw the very very nice white leather chair they got me * blush, blush*) embarassing is it for everyone to hear me being hysterically scared... though to be fair, Rekha, Amanda and Rainee agreed that they will be freaked out too if in the same situation...

We had somwang after that and the usual chilling and pics session...

( finaaaally calmed down to take pics with my bros...check out the cool card they made me!)

all in all, it was a good birthday, sitting on my new very, very comfy plush leather chair...

i felt really touched that my housemates went through the trouble to make my birthday memorable...( though they must have enjoyed freaking me out just as much?;P) thanks so much guys for all the effort: for carrying the heavy chair all the way from beeston, assembling it in silence,for timing the sequence of events,for the effort to scare the shit out of me, for somwang, for clearing up...

and who said that guys can't make the effort for friends?
me <3 me bros!

thanks so much to everyone else on that day who made me feel that being 23 is not that bad after all:)

DeepaRaya weekend

It certainly has been a while since any updates have been done to this page...i guess being medic students with overloaded work plus the happening-ness of dunkirksville certainly is not a good combo for blog mantainence! :D hehe excuses excuses!

nehoos, the last week went pass like a whirlwind, firstly there was great food during the deepavali celebration held by the MICs...the effort they put into the food was certainly appreciated, judging by the numbers of helpings people made! hehe the gurls at 21 Greenfield Street put in much effort too to join in the deepavali spirit! convinced Imaan and I into dressing up, great fun ...though we were late ;0)

(Naz-the-hot-stuff and his harem during deepavali celeb...hehehe)

Then on Sunday, had raya celeb at 21 Greenfield...that was great fun too with fab food,great company...the festive atmosphere was comparable to the ones at home...with lagu raya and all, hehe guess the only thing missing was the duit raya that I can get from visitings! Though, technically,imaan should be able to give out duit raya now that she's married, no?
Prior to the night, spent the whole day baking with imaan while the boys were making their ever so famour nasi himpit...

( the kitchen gang....)

(family potrait: 2 bros and a sis)

The gang threw me an early birthday surprise on Sunday as well...hence the unexpected story in the next blog....

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Hallo hallo, we're back (kinda) after a 3-wk hiatus from this blog. Reasons? Mostly laziness, lack of effort, and the too too happening* lives we're leading that we couldn't find time to blog!

*happening defined as doing housework, surfing the net, cooking & washing dishes, but not socialising.

But what has that got to do with the title of this entry? (yes, ppl, we've finally figured out that we could put entry titles) As you lot must have figured, it's not the japanese anime, or the washing detergent, but our hair! Jeng jeng jeng! After much persuasion from the chef who underwent the bleaching treatment, the young men of the house proudly put on the bin bag around their necks and got their hair treated as well. Of course, as long as it's not Ganesya messing around with your hair, nothing could go horribly wrong. Plus, of all people in Dunkirksville, we got the Hairdresser in the house! (mamareena la, who else)

From L to R: the model cum artist, the ho lenglui, and Jason Ng Chew Seong (from Sepet)

Of course, the photo would've been complete if our buddy dedos was there. After about a year in Notts and living in 3 separate houses in that time (yeah we all know which house he liked most muahaha), he's finally gone back home. We will surely miss this wonderful buddy of ours; his charm, narcissism, rempit-ness, and all the like (cue: awww...)

"Ohh, ded, why did you have to go~?"

But as a wiseman once said, all good things come and go, what to do. Till next week (hopefully if we don't slack off), we're signing off with a tinge of sadness in our hearts and a tinge of brownness in our hair (.........). Mueskueskues...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yet again, another happening weekend in's Sara's birthday today and we went out for a hearty meal yesterday at Saffron...19 medics and a Ded, i m sure Byn will fully empathise with him...
that's how fast the community in Notts is shrinking, as the years go by one by one our dear non-medic friends graduated into the working world, leaving us medics with nothing but fond memories....*sobz*
hehehe, sorry for the spurt of oestrogen there:D

anyhoos, speaking of Ded....

how will we
not miss such a cool dude who showed me again and again and
again that we can actually have fun testing our vocal range using a guitar tuner?
he was demonstrating to me since yesterday night on the various ways to hit a F note by manupulating his vocal chord, hehe how I wish I recorded his voice, it was hilarious!
notice the contentment in his face, how I wish I can be as easily entertained:D

ded u cool aaaaa......

Boys will be boys?! Ish ish thought our chef would be wiser than taking a swipe at the male population, especially when she IS currently living with two of them... (mal, gi babab die)

Well, guess I do have to agree with some of her points, but then again, not all males would cauterize themselves when they bleed. Putting aside the macho-ness issue, the idea itself is quite ridiculous.

To further illustrate my point, imagine me and Kamal in the toilet together.


No, people, not that image. Ish ish.

Anyway, let's say I was shaving and Kamal was cleaning the sink.

Me & Kamal: La la la la la....
Me: *razor cuts skin* Aduhhh... berdarah bibirku.
Kamal: You okay, dude?
Me: Aduuhhh... banyak sungguh darah di bibirku. Mal, tolong panaskan stove.
Kamal: Ohh ko nak buat ape?
Me: Nak cauterize bibir.
Kamal: ................

See my point? Not only will I confuse people with such a bizarre request, I definitely won't be able to stop the bleeding for the next 10 minutes while waiting for the stove to heat up! Wonder why people invented plasters.

And the 'thong shot' game, I must say it's quite interesting (try it out at Men are horny creatures after all, but you've still got to admire the ingenuity in attracting people to the game.

Okay, compare these two, and see which one you're more likely to play.

The old, obsolete version...

The banging hot new game! Aye aye aye...

And of course, it will appeal more to the males. I mean, the thought of Seowie shooting coins/bottlecaps from another woman's thong is pretty disturbing... (hmm...)

On another issue altogether, I just want to say that she still makes the best claypot rice in Dunkirk, as certain past events may suggest the contrary. Of course, provided it's not three days old, and you don't exert yourself on dance dance revolution (p/s: 'standard' difficulty) straight away after eating it, you should reach a decent level of satiety without any problems.

Ahhh.. I feel good now, after unleashing my 'creative juices' onto this blog, with my 'pent up' ideas almost begging to be let loose after two weeks of suppression, thanks to my dear housemaid who paved the way for that to happen.

Boy, do I need to be more careful with what I say (Girls, I tell you... :P)

Till then, mueskueskues....

Friday, September 08, 2006

another weekend is here! it's so scary how time flies nowadays...has it been 2 weeks already since the last post written here? i was pms-ing last weekend and had PLS course to work for, kamal was in london with nurlin while aizad... was just eager not to appear too eager in contributing to the blog...hehe he claimed that since the last post was written by him, it's not right for him to write, AGAIN he have to hold back his creative juices till kamal or I post something up...hehe so here it is dear housemate,finally moi blogs humbly just for you to channel out ur pent up writing ideas:D

had a long day today attending the Peadiatrics Life Support Course (PLS), really glad that it's all over now! hehe during the humdrum course i was entertained by an amusing story, which made me realise that this poster hanging in kiran's living room is not far from the truth.

My friend Chris sported an ugly gnash on his face and from far, he looked like a horny old man having a bad nose bleed. It doesn't help the image either that he is a big bald, ex-army guy. hehe, sorry i am stereotyping. Well,to be fair that wasn't that far from the truth. The amusing story was that he nicked himself when he was shaving and in the midst of panic to stop the bleeding, he was struck with a brilliant idea. To cauterize himself. Click here for the definition of cautery. This guy actually burnt his own face with a freaking hot metal spoon!! I can never figure out how he could even think that was a good idea in the first place. That a hot spoon stuffed up your nose can actually stop the bleeding. Theoretically it can be done. But it's certainly one of those things that grown-ups warn us never to try at home. Unbelievable.

I guess boys will be boys.

On another note, guess what this boy is doing yesterday night. Analyse his intense concentration. Could he actually be studying on a Friday night?

On closer inspection, he's playing this game.

hehe added this last picture after considering the legal advice from aizad, to prove that i m not lying just to frame kamal:D

I salute the ingenuity of boys. How they are capable of distorting such a simple innocent game. There I go again. I am stereotyping again, assuming the creator of the game is a man. But then again, I am sure that only boys can find the pleasure of flinging coins from a lady's thong.Rite?